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When you need a capable, all-purpose disinfectant for you salon, barber shop or medical office, look no further than Barbicide Disinfectant.

Simply mix 2oz of disinfectant with 32oz of water and you have a high-power disinfectant that protects against:

  • HIV-1
  • Hepatitis B
  • Hepatitis C
  • pseudomonas
  • staph
  • salmonella
  • fungus

It even complies with OSHA's blood-borne pathogens standard and is an EPA-registered hospital-grade, broad spectrum disinfectant that is safe for acrylic tanning beds, stainless steel, plastics, combs, brushes, rollers, and shears. This item also has a DIN number and is approved for use in Canada.

To keep your utensils lasting longer, it is even formulated with a rust inhibitor and, of course, it will not leave stains on your skin or work surfaces.

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